Tuesday, August 01, 2006

G&S Week

Well, here we are, the wee before the SFDC Gilbert and Sullivan showcase. This translates into many hours of silly dancing and singing. Sounds like fun, huh? Well, it is! Very different then preparing for any of our other rep!

So, Dad arrived on Saturday, and we have enjoy slumming around Santa Fe. He came to the Gregorian Mass that the chorale sang on Sunday, and then we walked around the Spanish market. We all bought something, and had a great time seeing the art and the artists. It was a little warm, but worth the sweat.

Actually, going back in time, I enjoyed an awesome hike at Bandelier National Monument on Saturday. It was a bit humid, but well worth the drive and the hike. We hiked down the canyon toward the Rio Grande. The hike featured two waterfalls, and plenty of views.

Speaking of humidity and rain, check this picture of the Rillito River in Tucson. Keep in mind that this river is completely dry about 364 days a year!

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