Saturday, May 12, 2007

Grape Planting

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Well, despite getting little sleep the night before, I still managed to catch a ride with Casey and Kat down to Sonita to do some grape planting on Friday. It was a little hot (first day of the year to reach 100 degrees in Tucson), but we got some cloud cover and there wasn't as much planting to be done as there was in the past two years. To make it even better, Joan fixed a fabulous lunch and I got to take two bottles of Tim's Canelo Hills Riesling home.

Here is the photographic evidence:
Me, duh.

The Mueller family hard at work (Photo taken by Casey)

A bucket of Gewürztraminer vines

Planting a Gewürztraminer vine

The vineyard

A humming bird's nest

Here comes Charlie

It was a great day. Back in Tucson, I went to Ken's graduation Party (No Photos, Sorry). Congrats Ken!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Long time.... post. I know. I'm sorry.

Okay, moving on... What's new? Well nothing really. It's May, and the semester has wound down, and all that means for me is the end of rehearsals. No classes = no finals.

More importantly, I've finished my teaching with OMA for the year. Ten first grade operas, all a huge success. Parents and teachers happy all around. I would post photos, but I can't, for the safty of the children!

In addition to teaching, I have been very busy performing. A couple of weeks ago I had four concerts in the course of a week.
Photographic evidence:

First, the opera; Tartuffe, by Kirke Mechem (who I will get to meet this summer, because the Desert Chorale has commissioned a new piece from him. Click on the link to see the new promo photo, I'm in the middle!). Here's the cast in all our long hair glory.

Also, me and my mother:

And one of the Tartuffe (Ken) and Orgon (me):

Next: Performance of Handel's 'L'Allegro' with the University of Arizona Community Chorus:
Soloists: Chloé, Kathryn and me

Soloists: Me, Kat and Adam

Then: Performance of Britten's 'Rejoice in the Lamb' with my friend Lupe (middle) conducting:
(Me, Kara (mezzo), Lupe, Todd (tenor), and Jenneya)

Finally: Later that week with the Rieman Opera Quartet at the KUAT Chamber Music Showcase. To be aired on the radio. When, I do not know!
Chloé, Brent and Cindy Chillin' in the dressing room:

The quartet and accompanist:

There you go. The fourth concert was another Opera Quartet gig. I have one more of those, next Tuesday, and I will be done!!!! Already working on my music for Santa Fe....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

For My Brother

Go Brewers! Go Milton!