Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Winner! And Canelo Hills Wine Opening

Wow... I am a geek. Proof:

CBS was nice enough print a story on the league home page! My team was the Geronimo Catchers (named after the street I live on and the position I respect most!), and as you can see, I finished second in my division. However, the top two teams in each division make the playoffs, and I made the push to the top!!!! In case you are curious, here was may line up for the last week: (this was an American League only league)

The other recent big event was the Canelo Hills Grand Opening. It was a great success, and tons of people joined the Muellers this past Saturday. We sold a lot of wine and people loved it!!!!
Photographic evidence:

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wine Country

In anticipation of the Canelo Hills Grand Opening next week, I took my friend George (Visiting from St. Louis) to Sonoita for wine tasting and then to Patagonia for a picnic and a tour of the Nature Conservancy Bird Sanctuary. The weather was great (most of the day) and all of the wine was amazing!!!!

First we stopped at Canelo Hills to visit Joan and Tim. They were busy getting ready for their opening (which I will be working at!) and getting ready to harvest the grapes. Tim let us sample a Syrah that had just finished fermenting and was just about to be put into barrels for aging.
After getting the tour of Canelo Hills, we moved next door to Callaghan Vineyards to sample some wine. Then it was on to Ranco Rossa, and finally to Dos Cabezas Winery.

George and I

View from Rancho Rossa

Then it was on to Patagonia. First a picnic (I made a quinoa salad and a garbanzo bean sandwich salad, it was so yummy!), then walking around town (we got espresso!) and then to the sanctuary. Unfortunately, the weather turned on us, so we didn't get to hike, but we did see hummingbirds!


Because the lunch from the previous day was so awesome, we decided to have it for dinner with our favorite wine that we tasted, a Viognier from Dos Cabezas.

Doesn't that look yummy?

All Homemade and Fat Free!

What? Is this a food blog? :)
No, here's a non-food picture:

Last week I remade a 'refried' pinto bean recipe from the New McDougall cookbook and decided try a version of homemade enchiladas with a sauce from the same cookbook. They were pretty yummy! I served them with a great coleslaw. (from the same cookbook)

I'm lazy and I am not posting the recipes, and besides, I did them by the book, so that would be copyright infringement or something...
The stove:

The Sauce:



I wish I could figure out how to photograph food!