Friday, December 29, 2006


As you probably already saw, Christmas as a ton a fun. However, before the festivities began, Joel, Mollie and myself received a history lesson. We began the day with a visit to the cemetary to visit Mom, Grandma and Grandpa; and then my dad, (without explanation) drove us off is a direction that didn't lead to Steve and Linda's house!

Here is what we did:
First stop: U.S. Grant Elementary school. This is where my dad went, and it doesn't look like the building has changed much!

Across the way form the school, was the church my dad was confirmed in... (I was too lazy to walk around to the front!)

Just down the street from the School, was the house my father grew up in. I was amazed by the size of the house... it was tiny. I can't believe that it housed 9 kids at one time!!!! Again, my dad reported that it looks the same!

A shot of the street in front of the house:

Again, just a few blocks away, was the Middle School that Dad attended.

Next stop was the school that Mom went to. This photo does not do it justice! It is a beautiful sprawling building, that has been maintained very well (at least on the outside.)

Finally, we visited the house the mom grew up in. I had been here before, but it was nice to pay it a visit. And it is for sale! It's great to visit a house that you know that your family built. According to dad, my great grandfather Paul Behling built the house. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the foundation is made of ceramic tile, not something you see very often! What's even more amazing, is that this house was only about 8 blocks from where my dad's house was!

It was a great way to spend the morning. I wanted to see South Division High School, but it's gone, at least the building that my parents when to school in. I searched in vain for old photos on the web, but did have any luck. This link looks like it should have photos, but it gives a little history.

It's almost New Years eve. Hooray!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Epic Christmas Post

What a Christmas, full of food, drink and Merriment! here are some photos of good times with the family! Hope you all had a great Christmas too!

My Father spent long hours on decorating the new condo (I love you Dad!)

At Julie's house on Christmas eve, Joel was elected to act as Santa (Mostly because he sat closest to the tree). Doesn't he look happy!

Dad opens the first gift of booze: Oregon Wine from Judy and Burt (who were greatly missed!)

Nadine didn't think my self-picture taking technique was all that special!

Part of Dad's Great Decorating Technique: the Post-Modern Christmas Tree!

Joel REally enjoyed opening his gifts, and explaining the uses of the Brooks Brothers Elastic Band

Now, on to the Christmas day and the festivities at Steve and Linda's house.
There was 3D Christmas Tree Viewing!

And tons of games!
Joel and I kept it classy with the Backgammon and the High Life.

Jay took on the family in Connect Four

After Dinner, a serious game of Sequence ensued:

We celebrated Becky's Birthday with Sue's awesome Cheesecake. (Why can't we just have cheesecake everyday?)

Dad and Steve play at the table, while Joel looks on, trying to learn something.

Dad teaches Nadine to Play Sequence, sort of.

Elizabeth, Pam and Nadine:

Nadine and Tarzan:

Last but not least: Nadine shows us who the Boss is!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone has a safe, peaceful and happy holidays!

I'm done singing in Santa Fe and I'm currently at the Albuquerque Airport en route to Chicago! I'm exhausted, but very happy to to be on my way home to my family!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snow Pictures!

As promised, here are some pictures of the recent snow in Santa Fe! There wasn't a ton a snow, but it's more then I've seen in a long time. The city probably got almost a foot of snow, and we got about 16 inches up at the house where I am staying. It was so bad last night, that my host Bob drove down to the Cathedral to pick us up after our concert last night. The roads up to his house were nasty, but we were ok until we made it to their driveway, where the 2006 Acura all wheel drive SUV got stuck! We dug it out this morning and made it back to town this morning, where I rescued my car from the parking lot.

Here's what the roads looked like yesterday!

In the plaza, before our concert last night:

Snowy La Fonda Hotel:

All the snow on the Newspaper boxes in front of St. Francis:

The Snowy Hills up in the Foothills where I am staying:

Another view from the house:

The Plaza today at lunch:

The beautiful Loretto Hotel:

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Let it Snow!

Santa Fe Art Museum

You can't see the photos now (At the coffee shop without my USB), but it's snowing in Santa Fe! It actually been snowing all day.
It's was interesting getting down from the hills where I am staying, but I made it! However, something completely now-weather related happened to my car. The alternator died! So, I spent the day getting a tow truck, hanging out at Sears, and apologizing to Michael and Bob for wasting their day! All is fixed now, and we have our 7th concert tonight! Just three more to go.

Here are a few photos of the area where I am staying:

Outside the Kline's House

The Vulture Statue I love!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Opening Night!

Tonight is opening night for the Desert Chorale!!!!! We will be singing to a sold out audience at the Basilica St. Francis Cathedral. (probably about 800 people). Should be exciting!!!!!

Here are a few pictures of our concert venues:
St. Francis at night

Cristo Rey and the beautiful New Mexican Sky

Back in TIme #3!
Here are some photos of my Thanksgiving trip to San Diego:
Cocktail time!

Me at the Beach!

Walking in Golden Hill

Rumbles the Cat!

Beer for lunch in Ocean Beach

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Back In Time: volume #2

Welcome to Santa Fe (and Happy birthday to me!).

I left Tucson on Saturday, and spent the night in Las Cruces with Andrew. It was wonderful to split the drive in two, and we went to the choir concert at New Mexico State where he teaches.
Andy's Huge Agave!

I arrived in Santa Fe on Sunday, and we are already having our first concert tonight!!! I'm a bit under the weather, but things are going well. As usuall, I love being here. Last night a group of us went to 10,000 Waves for a soak, and tonight, after our concert, we will go out for cocktails to celebrate my birthday!!!!


In October, Anishka and her mom Melinda visited with the dogs, and we spent the day picnicing and hiking in Madera Canyon.
Here are the Photos:

Photos of Santa Fe to come!