Saturday, November 24, 2007

L'amico Fritz

Well, nearly a week has past, but here it is!

Last week concluded a successful run of the opera at school. Dad and George came to town to see the show and a good time was had by all!

Dad flew in on Friday and we hung out during the day at my house. Friday night was my opening, and although it wasn't fantastic, it went very well.

Saturday, dad and I drove down to Sonoita to do some wine tasting. We started atDos Cabezas and then continued on to Canelo Hills where I gave my dad a tour of the grounds. Photographic evidence:

We concluded our trip by heading over to Callaghan Vineyard.

Full of wine tasting, we drove back up to Tucson to pick George up at the airport. Then it was dinner and off to the opera, this time to watch the other cast. You can see photos of their dress rehearsal here.

Dad and George enjoying coffee

Sunday morning Dad and George came to church we me, and then it was off to the opera again. Dad had to leave after the first act to catch his flight, but George was able to stay for the whole thing (Score: Dad 2 1/3, George 2). Sunday's performance went much better, and I was proud of everyone!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Back from Santa Barbara

First of all, many thanks go to Ken, Karen, Chris and Christine for making my trip to Santa Barbara so enjoyable! I had a great time!

First of all, my audition went very well. I really felt that I sang close to the best of my ability, and that's no small feat at an audition where you have 5 minutes to impress. Unfortunately I did not impress enough to get a call back! I did not get to sing for the fabulous Marilyn Horne, but Warren Jones was heard my audition. He didn't look bored during my audition, at least I had that going for me.

The rest of my time in Santa Barbara was spent hanging out with Chris and Ken. Ken gave me a tour of the town, and we had lunch outside. This was follow by a fabulous dinner cooked by Ken and a long evening in the recording studio with Chris.

I had a great time and I'm looking forward to tech week for L'amico Fritz. (Check out an article about it here. More about the opera to come.)

Here are a couple of photo from my trip. You can see many more here.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Off to Santa Barbara!

Greetings all!

Well, good news from the old pueblo (or Tucson, whichever you wish to call it). I survived my cold, countless hours of research and my audition this morning. The audition was for the University of Arizona President's Competition. Each area of the music department (voice, piano, strings, and woodwinds/brass/percussion) hold audtions to pick a student to represent them at the President Concert, held at the end of January. The winner gets to perform with the orchestra, so essentially it's a concerto competition.

So I auditioned with a set of songs by American composer (and native of Wisconsin) Lee Hoiby. And I won! It's very exciting, and I'm really looking forward singing the songs with the orchestra.

Now I'm in rehearsal for the opera, and will be flying to Santa Barbara for an audition with Music Academy of the West. My audition is tomorrow afternoon, and then I fly back Sunday for another rehearsal here in Tucson...

Busy me!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Voting Day

Yes! I remembered to vote today!!!!!! Of course, I would have totally forgotten if it hadn't been for my neighbor Rachel. As I was leaving for the day, she was pulling into the drive. I starting to pack my car, and she asked me if I knew where we were suppose to go to vote. I thought for a moment, and said, "I have it on my fridge!" And so I did. So, I was reminded to vote, and I even got a sticker for my time. I always feel really good after I vote, like I did something important. Which, of course, I did! I was sad to see all of the empty lines on the voter register. I hope everyone in Tucson gets out to vote before 7:00!

I'm happy to report that the concert went very well on Sunday. There was a great crowd and I feel pretty good about how I sang. Like I went 3-4 with 2 RBI and also drew a walk!

Sorry I don't have any photos, but if you go over to Canelo Hills Blog, you can see my ugly mug!