Friday, November 09, 2007

Off to Santa Barbara!

Greetings all!

Well, good news from the old pueblo (or Tucson, whichever you wish to call it). I survived my cold, countless hours of research and my audition this morning. The audition was for the University of Arizona President's Competition. Each area of the music department (voice, piano, strings, and woodwinds/brass/percussion) hold audtions to pick a student to represent them at the President Concert, held at the end of January. The winner gets to perform with the orchestra, so essentially it's a concerto competition.

So I auditioned with a set of songs by American composer (and native of Wisconsin) Lee Hoiby. And I won! It's very exciting, and I'm really looking forward singing the songs with the orchestra.

Now I'm in rehearsal for the opera, and will be flying to Santa Barbara for an audition with Music Academy of the West. My audition is tomorrow afternoon, and then I fly back Sunday for another rehearsal here in Tucson...

Busy me!

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