Saturday, April 29, 2006

a ... m

Ok, so it's 4:12 in the morning, I'm tired, but my mind is spinning. Good thing, bad thing. So I thought I would let it spill here.

First of all; my insomniac soundtrack is mercury Rev's album 'Deserter's Songs. (an old goody that Mark Miller recommended to me years ago.)

OK, where was I? I'm in bed, lights out. It's now 4:14 am.
Ok, so I was listening to godspeed you! black emperor and pondering post-rock. I'm a sucker for genres, and I was trying to figure out what post rock was. Then I listened to a track I downloaded from John Luther Adams' new release. I immediately forgot all about post-rock. Post-rock is for sissies.

The Adams track was awesome. It helped that I was overtired and listening on headphones. The piece was for snare drum (or perhaps many?) and was performed by Steven Schick. I have no idea how it was recorded or performed, and frankly I don't care. Although, if you hit the link to Prof. Schick, it lists his office phone number. Perhaps I'll give him a call.

Then, after contemplating fantasy baseball, I decided to go to the flickr photo sharing site and do random searches. My favorite was the stinky cheese search. See for yourself. Weird.

So...who ever said extending insomniac quality time wasn't productive.
nobody I guess
& that's all

i dare you to hyperlink theeeeee all

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Always wanted to be a music Journalist

Well not really... however, I do love my music listening time. It's been a bit of an obsession, but I suppose it's better then internet porn! So, what I decided to do, inspired by Bob Nanna's best new releases of the week (which he hasn't done for a long time, to much touring and chemo! I'm pulling for you Bob!) and the New Pantheon Music Award. Anyway, I always have strong opinions regarding music. So I thought I would share what I thought about music that has been released since December of 2005. I do this so i can post a spiffy "Best of 2006" in December with all the other cool kids.

Ok, here it goes:

Best of the first 1/3 of 2006!

5. Beirut "Gulag Orkestar"
Ok, so this is a streach, mostly because the album hasn't even been released! However, this kid from Albuquerque (who moved to NYC, of course) has really done an amazing job of melding styles. His light, lofty voice is a perfect match to the folkish, eastern european sounding 'orkestar' he has assemlbed. I am no expert in Eastern European folk music, but i read elsewhere that is what it sounds like. Granted, I've only heard 4 tracks so far, but they are in heavey rotation right now, and I hightly reccomend this album. When it comes out, that is.

4. Destroyer "Destroyer's Rubies"
On my first listen, I couldn't really get into this, but it has really grown on me. Destroyer is the name that Dan Bajer (of the New Pornographers) records under, and up until this release, I hadn't ever heard of him. The album contains elements of what I love about the NP, but with more soul. A lot of reviewers like to call him 'Dylanesque,' and I can hear that, but I just like the scope and variety on the album. Solid.

3. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins "Rabbit Fur Coat"
This was a hard decision. I can't really decided how much I like this album, but I listen to it so damn much, I have to put it here. I love her voice: a little country, a little folk, a little sexy! I suppose a real journalist would research her so he could say something cool, but all I know is that Jenny is in the LA band Rilo Kiley and her album sounds like an update of the ...O brother where art there? soundtrack.

2. The Flaming Lips "At War with the Mystics"
This one was a no brainer. Who doesn't love the freaks from Oklahoma? This outing is a little less ambitious then their last effort, Yoshimi, but I love it! I also read in Paste Magazine that the Lips are in talks with Broadway producer Des McAnuff about bring 'Yoshimi battles the Pink Robots' to broadway. Watch out Spam-a-lot!

1. Josh Rouse "Subtitulo"
Since 'summer' comes early in Tucson, I was happy to find a great summer record. This is a great hanging in the yard and listening to tunes album. It's chill and mellow, but it'll get you to tap your foot from time to time. Rouse is a great songwriter and singer, and I'm happy I checked this out, because I wasn't impressed with 'Nashville,' his last release.

So there we are! My next goal is to be able to post mp3's, so you all can check out a tune while you read. Have a great day!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I now remember why I perform. Tonight I watched the Phish documentary Bittersweet Motel and walked down memory for a while. The movie focused on the 1996/97 Phish Tour that concluded at the Great Went in Limestone, ME. Of course, this was especially meaningful to me, because I was there! I wish I had some of my photos from that trip to post right now. (Dad! They are in your garage somewhere! Help!)

What was most interesting about the film was the conversations with Trey. The film maker, Todd Phillips, really spent a lot of time talking with Trey about the music and his motivation. Frankly, I was inspired by Trey's responses. He freely admitted his and the bands mistakes, and chalked them up to creative exploration. Trey talked about performing well being the ultimate high, which is what drives him so hard. This drive makes him practice more, longer, harder. I can see this in his work, and is probably what sets him apart from the rest of the group, and why, in his solo career, he has really surrounded himself with better, stronger musicians.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


What an afternoon. I'm sitting in a coffee shop for the last three hours working on the program for my Ensemble Recital (Tuesday May 23rd, 7:30 PM, Crowder Hall, University of Arizona: be there!). It's been an ordeal to coordinate the whole thing. Special thanks to all of you who are helping me out with it. Imagine organizing 15 people... it's fun!

Picture of the day:

Andy Z and I took Sammie to Reid Park when Nishi was in San Diego. Isn't she a cute one!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter

Jesus Christ has risen

Public Art

The Blimp

Anyone in Tucson annoyed by the Blimp? Ask Casey, he heard about it on the radio.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Spring comes, the opera ends

Well it's spring in Arizona, and look at the pretty flowers!!! Unfortunately, the flowers shown above only were in bloom for a day. I decided not to take the photo of the dead flowers.

So, I'm getting back into the swing of things...The opera is over, and now I'm preparing my one act play for performance. We had our first rehearsal in the theatre this evening, and I am very happy with how things are going. It's so different to be the one person not on stage. It's a little like losing control.

Here are some photos from the opera, enjoy!