Monday, June 26, 2006

It's been, it sure has. I'm back in Tucson, but just for a few days. Then it's off to wonderful Santa Fe.

So, my excuse for slow blogging is camera related, still. Meaning, I don't have on yet! However, I might by one tomorrow, wouldn't that be fantastic!

Anyway, here's proof that I actuall have been busy:

Ensemble Recital in Tucson
Celebrating the Recital
REcital in Milwuakee
The Krueger boys and the Rauen Girl
ALL of the Krueger Boys!
Thanks to Kathryn and Mollie for the photos!

P.S. JOEL: looking for you blog....... and I know you're going to the Brewer/cubbie game today! No better place to start then there!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Anyone who was there, can attest to the fact that Mollie and Kate's birthday party was awesome. At least I think so! Just teasing, we gathered at Piece in Wicker Park, owned by the guitar player from cheap Trick. The Pizza was awesome, and the beer was, well, awesomer. The best beer was the Dysfunction-Ale, a very hoppy, scottish-style ale. We had 8 pitchers of it.

Thanks to Mollie for the photos!

So, I'm in Milwaukee now...hanging out and looking a music. Jennifer, I have your phone number, expect a call....

Friday, June 09, 2006

Easing back into blogsphere

Greetings from Chicago!
I dread beginning a blog with talk about the weather, a sure sign of a conversational roadkill, but I shed this fear because of Chicago, the Great White City. It's cold, and I love it. On my walk to starbuck's this morning, (a tradition while staying with Joel and Mollie, the java-less folk that they are) I rolled out with only gym shorts and a t-shirt. I was greeted with a brisk lake breeze and cement grey sky. I smiled, mostly because this reminded me of my morning walks to Starbucks in December and January. But, rather then the biting, make-you-wish you were in Tucson cold, this was the hug me, giggle and keep me warm cold that I fondly associate with growing up in the midwest.

So, about my absence. I apologize to the tens of you out there who missed me (am I being ambitious?). The absence was triggered by the loss of my camera, my inspiration for this blog. I have yet to replace it, and regret the many blog worthy activites that I have missed. Among them:

1. Graduation (not mine, unfotunately)
2. Graduation parties (unfortunately not mine)
3. End of school festivities
4. My Recital (subject of a future blog, to include music evidence of it's actual existence)
5. Anishka's move to San Diego
6. My current trip to Chicago

I guess that sums up what i have been doing, besides a class that I took, Music 672, "Teaching Higher Education." The class really should have been titled, "How to get a job." It was a great class, many useful things were discussed, and much was learned. The most important thing I learned, was that I should breath during a job interview.

Thanks to Nishi for the photos. The top photo is of Ken and Isabelle, my new canine niece. Of course, a beingwheelwright blog wouldn't be complete without a photo of Sammie. If you are a bww Sammie groupie, look for video on a future blog to feature Sammie and my couch. I miss you Sammie!

So enjoy your Friday... and bring on the World Cup!