Friday, June 09, 2006

Easing back into blogsphere

Greetings from Chicago!
I dread beginning a blog with talk about the weather, a sure sign of a conversational roadkill, but I shed this fear because of Chicago, the Great White City. It's cold, and I love it. On my walk to starbuck's this morning, (a tradition while staying with Joel and Mollie, the java-less folk that they are) I rolled out with only gym shorts and a t-shirt. I was greeted with a brisk lake breeze and cement grey sky. I smiled, mostly because this reminded me of my morning walks to Starbucks in December and January. But, rather then the biting, make-you-wish you were in Tucson cold, this was the hug me, giggle and keep me warm cold that I fondly associate with growing up in the midwest.

So, about my absence. I apologize to the tens of you out there who missed me (am I being ambitious?). The absence was triggered by the loss of my camera, my inspiration for this blog. I have yet to replace it, and regret the many blog worthy activites that I have missed. Among them:

1. Graduation (not mine, unfotunately)
2. Graduation parties (unfortunately not mine)
3. End of school festivities
4. My Recital (subject of a future blog, to include music evidence of it's actual existence)
5. Anishka's move to San Diego
6. My current trip to Chicago

I guess that sums up what i have been doing, besides a class that I took, Music 672, "Teaching Higher Education." The class really should have been titled, "How to get a job." It was a great class, many useful things were discussed, and much was learned. The most important thing I learned, was that I should breath during a job interview.

Thanks to Nishi for the photos. The top photo is of Ken and Isabelle, my new canine niece. Of course, a beingwheelwright blog wouldn't be complete without a photo of Sammie. If you are a bww Sammie groupie, look for video on a future blog to feature Sammie and my couch. I miss you Sammie!

So enjoy your Friday... and bring on the World Cup!


christopher jette said...

SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK!! I missed you so. Granted life has been fun and busy. I really like your thoughts and writing about the cold, you said in several sentances what some people strive to capture in a life time. I think it is a seperate, freestanding ode to existence in the midwest. Congrats on not graduating, you are in your last ever year of school. Enjoy it.

christopher jette said...

are you a memeber of flickr? and I am happy to see that you found that same link as I for starbucks it is pretty funny!

rarrin' said...

You are so close!!!! Are you coming to Wisconsin??????? I would love to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laanba said...

Wow, they teach classes now on how to get a job? Why didn't they have that when I was in school!