Saturday, June 10, 2006


Anyone who was there, can attest to the fact that Mollie and Kate's birthday party was awesome. At least I think so! Just teasing, we gathered at Piece in Wicker Park, owned by the guitar player from cheap Trick. The Pizza was awesome, and the beer was, well, awesomer. The best beer was the Dysfunction-Ale, a very hoppy, scottish-style ale. We had 8 pitchers of it.

Thanks to Mollie for the photos!

So, I'm in Milwaukee now...hanging out and looking a music. Jennifer, I have your phone number, expect a call....


christopher jette said...

you look great, highly photogenic. Sounds like a great time. Wish I was in WI. Have a great time and say hi to the Jennifer for me. She deserves a big hug, please pass one on from me.

rarrin' said...

Ummm....still waiting for that call sir nathan a lot.