Friday, July 28, 2006

I can't think of a title.

So, another day, another concert... I still can't believe that I can keep everything straight. Including the "Cocktails with the Chorale" concert that I am now singing, I have to be responsible for 5 concert reps. At least it gives me confidence that I can do just about anything!

So, Dad comes tomorrow, and he will be treated to the glories of Santa Fe, and some good music too. The famous Spanish Market is this weekend, which means tons of people in the plaza and great Hispanic artists from all over the country. The Chorale is singing a chant mass at the Basilica on Sunday, so I plan to see the Market after mass with my dad. Parking should be interesting. So far I have perfected the "I'm here on Cathedral business." That translates into free parking downtown!!! Of course, I have never abused it, but it's great for rehearsals!

Here are a few photos from around the house. The first is a view of the sky the other night from my porch, and the next two are from the Dorothy Stewart Trail, just a 'block' from my casita. I love you all!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pool Party!!!

Well, with a full day off I spent my morning running errends, got new tires, and I bought a camera!!! Very exciting! With my new purchase, I traveld to Albuquerque to have a pool party with Jo and Sofia. It was a great day:

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Day off in Jemez!

Yes, a full day off, and Kat and I took full advantage!

We began the day at the internet cafe, researching hikes, and I choose one that I had made before, a hike to Macauly Hot Springs up in the Jemez Mountains. The hike begins at Battleship Rock, on NM Hwy. 4. We left Santa Fe and drove up to Los Alamos, waved to all the scientists at the lab and then headed out into the mountains. The first stop wash at the Magnificent Valle Grande.

From there we headed on to trailhead. However we were stopped on the highway for about 20 minutes. Why? (you might ask) Because they were shooting a movie, and they decided to close the road! I have no idea what move, but I did here that John Travolta was seen in twon not long ago.

Then, we finally made it to Battleship rock. The hike was moderately difficult (even thought the trail guide called it easy), but it afforded us wonderful views and a great workout.

The reward were the hot springs, sparsely populated because of the difficult journey up the ridge.

On the way down, we took some time to enjoy the East fork of the Jemez River and the view of Battleship Rock. Unfortunately, we forgot to take Husky Paul on the hike!

Then it was off to Soda Dam. Kat parked off the side of the road, in the path of the hot spring, but it was ok (no photo shown).

Next it was off to the Jemez Pueblo for Indian Tacos. Mmmmmm the sauce was yummy!

To finish the day, we drove to Bernilillo and then back up I-25 up to Santa Fe.

Wish you were all here!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Sammie Reappears!

Enjoy this video!

Look for a long blog about Kat and my adventure in Jemez! (The above photo was taken at Valle Grande on NM Hwy. 4 in the Jemez Mountains)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The SFDC Welcomes Husky Paul!

Well, Thanks to Ken... The Desert Chorale "Romance" Cameo has a mascot!!!

The little cutey was originally named Romance, but it was soon changed to Husky Paul (sort of an inside joke...). We had our cameo dress rehearsal last night at the Loretto Chapel, and we open tonight. It's very exciting! If you are thinking of coming to visit and see a concert, you better hurry and get your tickets!

Below are photos of members of the cameo with Husky paul enjoying cocktails at Baleen.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Besides singing...

The Church of St. Francis of Asisi (otherwise known as Ranchoes de Toas, made famous by the Georgia O'Keefe painting)

What do I do besides singing here in Santa Fe? Well, not a whole lot, but we are afforded some time to relax, and we are treated so well!!!! On Monday night, Kat and I had some of the other members for dinner. We go to show off our great casita made dinner for everyone. It was Yummy! Then we played Apples to Apples, where I continued my dominance, until Bob beat me in the second game. So far this summer, I have won 4 out of 6 games, with Bob winning the other two. Must be the fact that we are both baritones!

Last night we had our third performance of the Cathedral Repetoire, and durning the day we were treated to a lunch by the friends of the Chorale. Before lunch, a group of us went on a hike on the Borrego Triangle, a simple hike at high altitude, it was perfect. Again, pictures courtesy of Kat!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

From the Land of Enchantment....

Well, the first concert is in the books, and it was a popular success. We had about 600 fill the Cathedral Basilica and there were many rounds of standing ovations! The concert was recorded and sent of to NPR for the show Performance today, so there is a chance that you all can hear it!

The other exciting Desert Chorale news is that they released there Live Christmas Album last week. I'm very excited because I'm actually on it! I'll get the track posted so you can listen to it. You can buy a copy of it from the Desert Chorale Website.

The photos are courtesy or Kathryn, and they were taken at our Chorale 4th of July party, hosted by a great couple that live out in the hills, with a beautiful view of the Santa Fe Opera.

Tonight it's a night of Japanese indulgences, Sushi at Masa Sushi and a soak at 10,000 Waves Spa.

Below are the two nicest guys in the Chorale, according to Michael!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Welcome to Santa Fe!

Well, ok, sure; I have been here a week now, but what a week it has been. Kat, Casey and I drove from Tucson last week Tuesday, and rehearsals started on Wednesday! What a week! The rep is very demanding, but we have a great group of singers and I am really looking forward to the many concerts coming up. You can see a concert schedule and information about the Chorale here.

It's the 4th of July, so I am off to rehearsal, but more soon, I promise!

Here are some views from the hike we took today, including sweaty Nate!