Saturday, July 22, 2006

Day off in Jemez!

Yes, a full day off, and Kat and I took full advantage!

We began the day at the internet cafe, researching hikes, and I choose one that I had made before, a hike to Macauly Hot Springs up in the Jemez Mountains. The hike begins at Battleship Rock, on NM Hwy. 4. We left Santa Fe and drove up to Los Alamos, waved to all the scientists at the lab and then headed out into the mountains. The first stop wash at the Magnificent Valle Grande.

From there we headed on to trailhead. However we were stopped on the highway for about 20 minutes. Why? (you might ask) Because they were shooting a movie, and they decided to close the road! I have no idea what move, but I did here that John Travolta was seen in twon not long ago.

Then, we finally made it to Battleship rock. The hike was moderately difficult (even thought the trail guide called it easy), but it afforded us wonderful views and a great workout.

The reward were the hot springs, sparsely populated because of the difficult journey up the ridge.

On the way down, we took some time to enjoy the East fork of the Jemez River and the view of Battleship Rock. Unfortunately, we forgot to take Husky Paul on the hike!

Then it was off to Soda Dam. Kat parked off the side of the road, in the path of the hot spring, but it was ok (no photo shown).

Next it was off to the Jemez Pueblo for Indian Tacos. Mmmmmm the sauce was yummy!

To finish the day, we drove to Bernilillo and then back up I-25 up to Santa Fe.

Wish you were all here!

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mollie said...

Love the pictures!! Keep it up. Kisses, mol