Friday, July 28, 2006

I can't think of a title.

So, another day, another concert... I still can't believe that I can keep everything straight. Including the "Cocktails with the Chorale" concert that I am now singing, I have to be responsible for 5 concert reps. At least it gives me confidence that I can do just about anything!

So, Dad comes tomorrow, and he will be treated to the glories of Santa Fe, and some good music too. The famous Spanish Market is this weekend, which means tons of people in the plaza and great Hispanic artists from all over the country. The Chorale is singing a chant mass at the Basilica on Sunday, so I plan to see the Market after mass with my dad. Parking should be interesting. So far I have perfected the "I'm here on Cathedral business." That translates into free parking downtown!!! Of course, I have never abused it, but it's great for rehearsals!

Here are a few photos from around the house. The first is a view of the sky the other night from my porch, and the next two are from the Dorothy Stewart Trail, just a 'block' from my casita. I love you all!


beholdhowfree said...

great shots!

christopher jette said...

I miss Santa Fe, maybe we should come visit, sort of a part 10 for our honeymoon. Have fun with Dad.

mollie said...

Great pics! Say hi to your dad for me-wish I could be there for the market. I love that kind of stuff.

Miss and love you...mol