Saturday, April 29, 2006

a ... m

Ok, so it's 4:12 in the morning, I'm tired, but my mind is spinning. Good thing, bad thing. So I thought I would let it spill here.

First of all; my insomniac soundtrack is mercury Rev's album 'Deserter's Songs. (an old goody that Mark Miller recommended to me years ago.)

OK, where was I? I'm in bed, lights out. It's now 4:14 am.
Ok, so I was listening to godspeed you! black emperor and pondering post-rock. I'm a sucker for genres, and I was trying to figure out what post rock was. Then I listened to a track I downloaded from John Luther Adams' new release. I immediately forgot all about post-rock. Post-rock is for sissies.

The Adams track was awesome. It helped that I was overtired and listening on headphones. The piece was for snare drum (or perhaps many?) and was performed by Steven Schick. I have no idea how it was recorded or performed, and frankly I don't care. Although, if you hit the link to Prof. Schick, it lists his office phone number. Perhaps I'll give him a call.

Then, after contemplating fantasy baseball, I decided to go to the flickr photo sharing site and do random searches. My favorite was the stinky cheese search. See for yourself. Weird.

So...who ever said extending insomniac quality time wasn't productive.
nobody I guess
& that's all

i dare you to hyperlink theeeeee all


christopher jette said...

I'm hoping you wikied stilton to learn that it is an English Blue Cheese.

Nathan said...

No, I know, but when I searched for stinky cheese, I was hoping to find pictures of cheese! Not stickers on Bank signs!

rarrin' said...

Funny about you insomniatic time. I too was up at 4am, but not having nearly as much fun as you. I often lie awake at night and do some of the best thinking and then wake up in the morning and forget all the super things I thought about. Thanks for the tip on how to hyperlink! I am going to try it out.

tim said...

If you now look at "my" blog I have links to Karen's. She was sick of writing on mine as me so she started her own under an assumed name... T. McGee for those in the know. I hear only stinky cheese comes from cows in Wisconsin.. as happy cows live in California as I am told.

rarrin' said...

Here is a good random search for you, though maybe you have already done this one. Google 'failure' hmmmm....let me know what you think!