Monday, May 01, 2006

Last Week of Depression

12:30 pm:
Well, not really, I wish I could make such a promise. Instead it is the last week of classes here at The University of Arizona, and the whole campus is a buzz with, students. Well what's new, sure, they are always here, right? Yes. But it's a hell of a lot hotter, and there are more people in the library.

Please mail my noble prize for observation to my home address, on the moon!
2:30 pm:
Ok, now I'm at home and the above looks ridiculous! Oh well, now I have 18 hours to finish four projects, and then I can be done!!! Hooray!

here we go....

2:36am: Opps, 14 hours have past since I began this post. and I have been home working for 12 hours: But all the work is done! F%#$ YES!

Anyway. Sorry y'all couldn't have been a bigger part.

peace: Pic of the Day:

The New Rap Duo from Italy: Il primi intelligente uomi


rarrin' said...

Have you ever notices that the posted time on these blogs is not accurate? At least mine is not....hmmmm.....

Nathan said...

J: I think the time of the post is determined by the first draft that is saved, not when the blog is posted for the first time. I don't know why this is..l. it just is!

so there!

good is it hot in here!

christopher jette said...

was ill primi intelligente uomi part of your project? Congrats on the progress, just as you finish this phd thing I'll be starting up. Either I am slacking or you are going to have a job before me!

I always wondered who the man on the moon was.

Nathan said...

who is the man on the moon? Do tell!