Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why? Islands. Cadence Weapon.

That's why!

Wow, so the long day has passed, and now can look forward to a few days to prepare for opera auditions, finals, my recital and going to rock shows! I haven't been out on the town since January, when I snuck out before the semester started and went to Plush to see Marie Frank.

It's going to be a real reward, a reward for all of the work I put into this semester, both at school and working with my first graders in the OMA project. Tonight was the big night for the kids at Sewell elementary. Our first graders, performed their two operas, "The Gingerbread Man vs. the Fairy" and "The Adventures of Sir Codery," and were a smashing success. I was so proud, and tired, and relieved. The trio (myself, Kathryn and Thomas) began work on the operas in January. The kids developed the characters, setting, plot and then wrote the dialogue and song lyrics. They even made their own costumes. Tonight they performed the operas for their parents and their entire school on the big stage! Here's a photo that I took of the kids singing in the concert that followed the operas. Sorry for the bad quality!

So to my reward: The Rock Show! Because Thursday is dead day at the UA, I can stay out late on a Wednesday night (oh, by the way, I still have to be at Sewell elementary to teach at 8:15am! I'll sleep after that!), and I'm heading out to Club Congress to seeIslands. The opening acts sound interesting too: (Why? and Cadence Weapon). I night of Hip hop, indie-hip-hop-rock and pop!

By the way, Joel and Chris, check out Cadence Weapon's track 'Sharks,' in the lyrics, his raps, "I'll take you down to the lake and see if you are water soluble." What? All I know is that Joel thinks he is smarter then us music kids: a quote,
"On 5/2/06, Krueger, Joel wrote:
I'm just leaving work, but I have to say, wood is not soluble as you say Chris. I believe it decomposes via bacteria or something like that. Soluble implies that the solid breaks down into elemental components that can be rejoined when the water is boiled off. I don't think that if you boil a lake, you'll be left will a bunch of wood. It would be more basic forms of carbon, plus I'd guess that a lot of the carbon in the wood that is decaying is released as CO2. I'm just making this up, so I could be wrong, but I probably know more than you musician kids. So there."

Cocky SOB! Luv ya bro!


tim said...

I would have to agree with young Krueger. You music kids can put notes and sounds together but leave the chemistry and physics to the "experts"

P.S. My fantasy baseball team really DOES suck.. I am last in almost every catagory.. except steals, I rock at steals!

T. McGee said...

Solubility has generally been defined (in chemistry) in quantitative terms as the concentration of solute in a saturated solution at a certain temperature and defined in qualitative way, it may be defined as the spontaneous interaction of two or more substances to form a homogenous molecular dispersion. Typically if something is defined as "soluble" it is 10 to 30 parts of solvent required for 1 part of solute. (verus a "practically insoluble or insoluble at more than 10,000 parts of solvent required for 1 part of solute.
Solubility has been a great topic of debate. Can you really ever get a true homogenous molecular solution? And how about the bulk versus surface properties? The kinetic influences on its definition are mind boggling. Mind boggling.

Nathan said...

is beer soluble? What about cheese? and Corn?

T. McGee said...

It is a question of what are you asking it to be soluble with. ;-)Beer is soluble with Tim. Corn is slightly soluble with Karen and insoluble with the boys- I've seen it come out whole!!!!!!!!!!!!!