Thursday, May 11, 2006

mp3 blog

(Yoda paid me a visit!)

Ok, so I don't have an mp3 blog! Oh the pressure that would create in my life. I admire those that have less of a life then I do and spend time each day researching music and posting select musical numbers on there blog. I sound condescending, but really, I appreciate the wealth of music on the web that the mp3 bloggers provide. (My favorites are Said the Gramophone, Tofu Hut and i (heart) music for great Canadian Music.

Now, I don't intended to report these mp3's to the aggregators, (Hype Machine and

OK here we go. I would like to display my poor engineering skills today. First of all, here are two Reclimb tracks (Joel Krueger, Chad Karyand Greg Beno) recorded at UW-Oshkosh in 1996 or 1997. The boys were in their senior year of High School and came down to Oshberg several times to make these recordings, we did 6 songs, and these are two that made the cut for a Practicum project.

Reclimb New One
Reclimb Wonder Why

So, there you go, nothing like 17 year olds rocking out!

Moving on to post Oshkosh work, here is a track that I recorded and co-mixed at Renwood Messenger Studios in Kenosha during my internship. God subject warning.

Dave Moore Praise the World

The bass is so heavy, I don't know how that slipped past everyone, oh well.
enough about me!


christopher jette said...

Reclimb, I recall seeing them in Shawano my first ever weekend there. We went to some gynasium? and rocked out. Great to hear those tracks.

The summer in Kenosha, I remember you being really kind of burnt out that summer. I also recall staying at your aunt and uncles house some time later,say after a southside bar visit on Christmas eve? Or maybe I was just picking the Nate up for an evening of strangeness. None the less, that Kenosha summer was the one that was spent living with your aunt and uncle wasn't it?

Comments about the music eh? Soon enough.

Nathan said...

Yes, I spent the summer living with my aunt and uncle in West Allis.