Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Back In Time: volume #2

Welcome to Santa Fe (and Happy birthday to me!).

I left Tucson on Saturday, and spent the night in Las Cruces with Andrew. It was wonderful to split the drive in two, and we went to the choir concert at New Mexico State where he teaches.
Andy's Huge Agave!

I arrived in Santa Fe on Sunday, and we are already having our first concert tonight!!! I'm a bit under the weather, but things are going well. As usuall, I love being here. Last night a group of us went to 10,000 Waves for a soak, and tonight, after our concert, we will go out for cocktails to celebrate my birthday!!!!


In October, Anishka and her mom Melinda visited with the dogs, and we spent the day picnicing and hiking in Madera Canyon.
Here are the Photos:

Photos of Santa Fe to come!

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c said...

That is an impresive Agave, as Agave Man I approve in a big way!