Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snow Pictures!

As promised, here are some pictures of the recent snow in Santa Fe! There wasn't a ton a snow, but it's more then I've seen in a long time. The city probably got almost a foot of snow, and we got about 16 inches up at the house where I am staying. It was so bad last night, that my host Bob drove down to the Cathedral to pick us up after our concert last night. The roads up to his house were nasty, but we were ok until we made it to their driveway, where the 2006 Acura all wheel drive SUV got stuck! We dug it out this morning and made it back to town this morning, where I rescued my car from the parking lot.

Here's what the roads looked like yesterday!

In the plaza, before our concert last night:

Snowy La Fonda Hotel:

All the snow on the Newspaper boxes in front of St. Francis:

The Snowy Hills up in the Foothills where I am staying:

Another view from the house:

The Plaza today at lunch:

The beautiful Loretto Hotel:

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christopher jette said...

I think I have that same picture oof the Laredo (somewhere..) taken from the public parking lot!