Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Let it Snow!

Santa Fe Art Museum

You can't see the photos now (At the coffee shop without my USB), but it's snowing in Santa Fe! It actually been snowing all day.
It's was interesting getting down from the hills where I am staying, but I made it! However, something completely now-weather related happened to my car. The alternator died! So, I spent the day getting a tow truck, hanging out at Sears, and apologizing to Michael and Bob for wasting their day! All is fixed now, and we have our 7th concert tonight! Just three more to go.

Here are a few photos of the area where I am staying:

Outside the Kline's House

The Vulture Statue I love!

1 comment:

christopher jette said...

Me thinks it is a crow. They are very tricky, those crows. Maybe this one disguised himself as a vulture to you.