Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Epic Christmas Post

What a Christmas, full of food, drink and Merriment! here are some photos of good times with the family! Hope you all had a great Christmas too!

My Father spent long hours on decorating the new condo (I love you Dad!)

At Julie's house on Christmas eve, Joel was elected to act as Santa (Mostly because he sat closest to the tree). Doesn't he look happy!

Dad opens the first gift of booze: Oregon Wine from Judy and Burt (who were greatly missed!)

Nadine didn't think my self-picture taking technique was all that special!

Part of Dad's Great Decorating Technique: the Post-Modern Christmas Tree!

Joel REally enjoyed opening his gifts, and explaining the uses of the Brooks Brothers Elastic Band

Now, on to the Christmas day and the festivities at Steve and Linda's house.
There was 3D Christmas Tree Viewing!

And tons of games!
Joel and I kept it classy with the Backgammon and the High Life.

Jay took on the family in Connect Four

After Dinner, a serious game of Sequence ensued:

We celebrated Becky's Birthday with Sue's awesome Cheesecake. (Why can't we just have cheesecake everyday?)

Dad and Steve play at the table, while Joel looks on, trying to learn something.

Dad teaches Nadine to Play Sequence, sort of.

Elizabeth, Pam and Nadine:

Nadine and Tarzan:

Last but not least: Nadine shows us who the Boss is!

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christopher jette said...

I really like the pics, there is something for everyone: traditionalist (Joel suffering), modernist/post modernist (the post modern tree) and the famlyist (lots o smiling faces and games!)