Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back in Time: volume #1

So, now that I'm back from my hiatus, I have decided to go back in time a bit. I think that it makes sense, as my semester is coming to an end, to reflect on what has happened and, well, what it boils down to, what I have snapped photographes at. I have never claimed to be philosophical, have I? No! Anyway, I digress.

Now, let us enter the way back machine:

-------September 3rd, 2006-----------

It was just a week after I arrived in Tucson, and I already had visitors. The esteemed Christine and her new husband Christopher made the journey down from Phoenix (where they were hanging out with the Becker's unitl Chris could move into his new place in Santa Barbara, read about their adventure here.)

If memory serves, Christopher and I did something while Christine studied at a coffee shop, maybe I had a rehearsal (I know, Great Stroy!!!!) any way, we ended up at my house and just hung out for a short time....

The Lovely Couple

Chris lecturing on his outdoor art technique.

MP3 of the Blog:
Now that 2006 is coming to an end, and all the crazy music bloggers are cranking out their 'best of' lists, I would like to look forward instead of back...

Know Your Onion - of Montreal (The Shins cover) (click on song title to download!)

Both fine groups are releasing new albums in January.... you can already stream the entire of Montreal album on their website.

(I am practicing for when I act as a music blogger and spew my silly music views at all y'all. I'm giving this zShare site a try, but you have to download the track yourself to actually listen to it... let me know if this is annoying.)

{Coming Soon!!! Nathan's Top 25 Albums of 2006}
{Will it be this?}


c said...

Christine was studying while you were performing in a master class, Spanish art song was the deal. Glad you are back on the scene.

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