Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Bathroom Reader...A Typewriter Story

So Chris has this old typewriter, and his powerbook is in a federal postal service compound in Seattle (long story). So he decided to type a letter, a letter to me, intended to be a bathroom reader. I know this explanation is not sufficient, but it is the best that I can do for now. So he was typing a letter, a bathroom reader, and Christine kicked him out of the apartment, because it was annoying. So he went to a coffee shop, and strangers confronted him conversing about typewriter ribbons. At one point he even fascinated a little girl. She didn't know what the instrument was. She remarked, "It's like a computer, but you get the results right away."

So the coffee shop closed, and Christopher went to a bar, but after ordering a beer and continuing his typing, the bartender asked him to stop. He was disturbing the customers. With his typewriter.

I love you Christopher... Your uniqueness is grand.


christopher jette said...

This AM my long lost computer was returned to me, they may have even fixed the problem. The bathroom Reader is on it's way Nate, I just need to decide if I should finish it or not.

Nathan said...

Congrats on the acquisition of your computer, can't wait to read the reader, finished or not!

rarrin' said...

Maybe now you can stop using a typewriter at bars and annoying us all. We can't concentrate on smoking cigarettes, yelling loudly at football games, and screaming over the loud music to the friend that is sitting next to us.
How rude you are.