Sunday, August 27, 2006

The tele...

Wow, for not watching TV for the greater part of the past year, I sure am enjoying the Emmy Awards. For some reason, cooking food for the week and watching celebrities be themselves and have a good time is a fairly good way to spend time for one evening. So, Celebrities are the theme for this blog (Wait, have my blogs had themes? Maybe...)

First of all, I was inspired to start this blog because of the of the Best Mini-Series or Movie category. A person I actually know was up for an Emmy: writer Kirk Ellis for the TNT Mini Series "Into the West." He is a fantastic supporter of the Desert Chorale, and has a great home theatre! His show didn't win, but I added it to my Netflix queue (along with the winner in the category Elizabeth I).

Now, as I mentioned to some of you, I have to mention a celbritiy sighting I had this summer. Of course, this isn't the first celebrity sighting I've had in Santa Fe (Selma Hayek, Kevin Kline, Harrison Ford to name a few), but this is by far the best! And it's because of Kirk Ellis! So, as I noticed while hanging out with Emilie and Angie at Kirk's guest house/office (where they were staying for the summer), Kirk was working on a screenplay about John Adams. Well, he announce that the project was greenlighted to start shooting in 2007 (according to IMBd the project is going to be directed by Tom Hanks), and Michael is hopping to get a part as southern boy! Well, we all know that the most popular book about John Adams was by the great writer David McCullough, and I met him twice! Well, Kirk brought him to a Cameo Performance at Loretto Chapel, where I got to shake his hand and greet him. Then, a few nights later, at the Desert Chorale cabaret, he approach Randy and I, and told us how much he enjoyed our performance.

So there you go here's an old pic for you to enjoy:

Christopher and Bernie Brewer! Go Brewers!


rarrin' said...

did you see the emmy bit on "Ernst & Young?" My company did all of the ballot counting this year, and apparently I work with Kareem abdul jabar (sp.???????????) Too lazy to look his name up.

christopher jette said...

to lasy to look up speeling, you are clearly not a jette!