Thursday, August 24, 2006

The New Wall! (w/ bonus)

School has started, and it wouldn't be a new semester without undergrads at the U of A riding mechanical bulls covered in what I'm pretty sure is a real cowhide (you can probably catch the rest of the cow, or something similar at your local carnivorous restaurant.)

Yes, so this picture was taken last Sunday when Kat and I took a bike ride . It was fun, and I've exercised every day since (not a feat, I know, but I feel good about it, so why shouldn't I brag!). However, I had a flat tire today on my bike, so I must do some investigating. Below: Kat enjoying the cooler Tucson evening; and a sunset from the Mall on Campus.

So, the purpose of this post: I woke up this morning to a strange scraping sound. Now, this is better then the jackhammers and pounding I would wake up to last May, but it still inspired me to get out of bed this morning a 6 a.m. to investigate. What did I find? I discovered that two workers were laying cinder blocks. Yes! The wall was under construction! When I returned home on my flat tire (which I filled before riding home, it held up quite well, thank you), the Wall was finished. I rejoiced, and then made dinner (more on my questionable diet choice later).

So there you have it... School, wall and.... the bonus.

For the two or so of you how read this and are fans of Sufjan Stevens, check out this video of him performing a duet with David Byrne (Talking Heads). See it and read about the event at sterogum. Enjoy!


christopher jette said...

Ironic, I spent the evening listening to the entirity of my Talking Heads collection, only about 14 songs or so, but I am happy about them. Looks like a grand time. Tommorow we leave for California so you will be spared my cyber antics. Glad school is happening, have you digressed to slaughtering helpless animals and digesting them into the acids of your stomach before passing them through your ass, while reading my analog babeling?

rarrin' said...

I do recall you eating a lot of helpless slaughtered animals during your visit to 'sconsin Chris. you should be proud to exercise everyday!!! "Americans are generally lazy" so the stereotype goes.