Friday, August 18, 2006

2 Reasons

Ok, This post is up for two reasons. Frist, Christopher wanted to know what that picture on the previous post was.

The truth is: I just don't know... I think it was taken on I-10 coming home from Santa Fe. We (Ken and I) were trying to get a good photograph of the sunset.

Second Reason: I Just got of the phone with Theresa, and she had no idea that Ken came to Santa Fe to visit me. She noted that I hadn't posted any photos from the end of my trip, so here are a few:

Ken and I hking the Atalaya Trial
Kimberley and I getting in Character for the Caberet.
Hiedi and I before the last Desert Chorale Concert
Oh yea, filling up the GTC with gas and getting it ready to roll!

When I returned to Tucson, I came home to discover that my back fence had been removed. Thankfully they are building a cinder block wall. Unfortunately, it also looks like they will be building a completely new stucture, which means lots of noise this fall. (Also notice the green thing with little flowers on it, I have never seen that plant so big! Boy has there been a ton of rain here in Tucson!)

Ok, that was longer then I expected.... I should be busy practicing, so I'm going to get to that. Look for a post tomorrow about my hike today!


christopher jette said...

Wow how the yard is changing. I guess there will be no more naked parties untill the wal is erected. For the unniciated (and those of us that have altered chemistry somewhere in the past and therefore do not have the memory power that they should...) GTC? Gold Toyota Cruiser as my recolections serve, but I don't trust myself. I hope you enjoyed the live "warm up the crowd music" from Ani.

Nathan said...

Close on the GTC Chris.... anyway, who said no more naked parties? I sure didn't! BTW, thanks for the live Ani Sample last night....

Resa said...

:) Thanks for the pictures, hun.