Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mexi Millet

Thanks to for The Ordinary Vegetarian and happyveganface leading me to this tasty and simple recipe. Check out their versions!

My version used the whole jalapeƱo (because I like it hot) and a can of tomatoes instead of a big juicy raw one (because I can't ever seem to make a grocery list that correctly reflects the needs of the recipes I plan to make during the week). Nevertheless, it was a great meal, both as a salad (as pictured), and as a burrito filling (not pictured, because I was hungry).

-A note about the photo, taken with my iPhone. It's horrible, and I'm to lazy to do anything about it.

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The Ordinary Vegetarian said...

Yum extra spicy!! I bet that the canned tomatoes were excellent in there. I was thinking about trying that too because I think that would be even more like spanish rice.

Nathan said...

I usually use canned tomatoes, especially in the winter months. Just too much petroleum involved with the ones at the store, and they don't usually taste all that great either.

Morgan said...

This Mexican Millet Recipe is one of my very favorite dishes in the world.