Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Greek Feast

Th past weekend I cooked up a trio of Greek recipes that I have had my eyes on for awhile. This was a departure from the McDougall MWL diet we have been on, but it was still pretty low in fat. The only added fat in the entire meal was some tahini in the hummus, and I stuck to the recipe and used pasta in the black-eyed pea dish, which is verboten on MWL plan. Pics and links:

This came up in a search for "Greek hummus," and was very good. Next time I make it I will half the tahini and without the olives. I felt that the overall dish was too salty, and until I reach my ideal weight, I can do without the extra fat in the olives.

Note on food network commenters: many said Ms. Rachael added EVOO to the hummus on her show, but it is not in her recipe. It doesn't need the oil, but I suppose Ms. Rachael wouldn't be able to make a dish without saying EVOO at least once. For more on food network commenters, see this post on Healthy. Happy. Life.

These I found via JamirR's thread in the Food & Recipe forum on the McDougall discussion board. In both recipes I left out the all of the oil, but if you are skinny you can use some (the recipes call for a lot). I find it odd that two recipes in the NY Times series "Recipes For Health" would be dreanched in olive oil.

Recipe notes:

For the black-eyed pea recipe, I used orzo pasta, and too much water. It turned out to stew-like in consistancy, but still very good.

In the Lima bean recipe, I used agave nectur instead of honey, and only about half of what the recipe calls for.

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Vegan Epicurean said...

Nice ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

I have had the same reaction to the NYT recipes for health. They seem to either be drowned in oil or sugar. Always makes me scratch my head too!

Thanks for commenting on my blog so that I found you. Following you now and can't wait to see your next post. :-)


Morgan said...

I love this food.
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