Sunday, February 12, 2006

Not all People are kind! But basketball is fun!

Well, my fantastic weekend of basketball and not doing homework has come to an end!!!! So sad! Oh goes on.

I just want to give props to Joel and Dad for not catching any fish at the Shawano Figure 8 Muskie Club Ice Fishing Derby. I'm just glad to here that no one fell through the ice. But please...Someone inform me...was a turkey fried?

On a more serious note, I was appalled but some examples of ignorance I discovered today. The first is an account of fans at Gonzaga University chanting "Brokeback Mountain" at St. Mary's University basketball players during a recent game. It's sad and a little bit amusing. I mean, do you really think the players from St. Mary's were intimidated by that chant? Frankly, it could be interpreted as the general student body showing its support for the movie, or perhaps they have chosen to back it's Oscar campaign over say, Crash, or Munich. There is usually some numbskull at a sporting event yelling homophobic slurs, but a whole student section? Not very Jesuit of you guys!

The second sad story I came across was in our own Tucson Observer. Turns out actor Chad Allen, an openly gay actor, was hired to do a film produced by a right wing Christian organization that produces "family entertainment." Turns out the organization didn't know of his gayness or stance on gay issues until after the film was shot. They decided to stay with his performance, and now other groups are attacking the production company for using him. Awww, now they are fighting each other. Thanks Chad!

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