Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's Super!

It's a Super Sunday! And I'm happy to be well!
The truth is, I was so sick yesterday, I couldn't even sit through an entire concert! Now, I'm not sure if I should go to this Super Bowl Party that I have been invited too. I have homework to do! Story of my life I guess. Not sure what's going on with SB XL? Check it out.

I guess the delay in post can be explained by the unhfortunate trials of the Arizona and Wisconsin basketball teams. The Wildcats have lost three straight, and Wisconsin lost at home to Illinois and then at Purdue. Damn! Something has got to give. Well...I'll be at the UofA/Oregon game on thursday, and hoepefully things will turn around! I promise to bring back some photos!

I have no idea what Christopher is doing in this photo!


christopher jette said...

Clearly he is concerned about the cleanliness of the pool!

rarrin' said...

Not even Christopher knows what he is doing...I think the universe is keeping it secret/