Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's for Supper?

Cooking for one person is difficult. Don't you think? Cooking for one person who is trying to lose weight by eating a vegan, whole grain, and vegetable diet is really tough. It is so easy to pick up something horrible on the way home. The solution: make recipe plans, and stick to them. Now, this was easier when George was here with me but I'm sure I can do it. Two years ago lost a ton of weight on the McDougall plan. Why did it come back? Well, I'm a lazy SOB for starters, but in reality I got off it because I didn't keep up with the planning part. I've lost ten pounds since New Year's Eve, but I already got off track last week when I stayed up in Phoenix for AZ Opera, and went into panic mode when I took my orals, and just started eating take out. Well, to get back on track, I'm going to start this feature: The Weekly Menu!

This way the recipes are recorded here, and I can posted reviews of the menus as I make them. Let's see how long I can keep this up.

The After Super Bowl Menu

Starchy: Sunny's Breakfast Enchiladas (This will be a major adaptation, Keep posted on how I transform this into a yummy low-fat vegan dinner!)

Soups: Barley Mushroom soup
Old School Curry Tomato Soup (Will post my adaptation when I make it1)

Veggie Entree: Steamed Veggies with Bulger Spaghetti Sauce

Veggie side:Sweet and Savory Kale (this will take some adaptation)

Grain or Potato Salad: Black Bean Potato Salad

Dip: Hummus

Tenitive Menu

Lunch: Raw Veggies w/Hummus and Spinach salad
Dinner: Enchiladas

Lunch: Freezer leftover and Veggies with Humus
Dinner: Leftover Enchiladas with side salad

Lunch: Large Raw Salad
Dinner: Mushroom Barley soup with side of Kale

Lunch: Leftover Soup with salad
Dinner: Roasted Potatoes and Freezer leftovers

Lunch: Hummus (if there is any left) and Black Bean Potato Salad
Dinner: Bulger Spaghetti Sauce with Rice and Steamed Veggies

Lunch: Large Salad
Dinner: Old School tomato Curry soup with Rice with side of Kale

Lunch: Fridge Clean Up!

-Wish Me luck!

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Kathryn said...

Yum, yum, I wish I lived close enough to go mooch off all your meals this week. Last night I made "Orrechiete with apple fried greens" from my new cookbook, and it was delicious - sweet and savory, and despite the word "fried" in the title only had a little olive oil which you could easily replace with water, and it was vegan. My first time cooking kale! I'll copy the recipe for ya.