Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day Two (Day One)

Ok, I'm in the middle of my first day of school, and I really shouldn't be blogging. But one thing has been brought to my attention, so I want to give credit where criedit is due. The fine photo posted with my first blog was taken by my brother Joel at the Bucktown Pub in Bucktown, Chicago last Saturday night. Good Times! Above is a not so great photo that I took of him. Apparently I had more to drink that night!

So about school, good to be back, and to have a purpose again...but now I have to get my rear in gear, and stop surfing music sites and doing sudoku puzzles and watching netflix. Back to practicing a on regular basis and studying Italian. The drama in my life is now limited to figuring out what I need to do for my directing minor. Today I phoned in my resignation to Opera Southwest, and I will no longer be singing Madame Butterly with them in February. This is a huge relief for me, I sure I wouldn't have been able to balance my school schedule with that performance.

nugget of the day: From a report on podcasts and what is even worth hearing (I have already discovered that big names like CNN and CBS Sports just recycle crap and distribute it as a podcast!) Read the list here.


Economist said...

saddly, you are all the wit and wisdom that i have never known. Thank god you are there to see that the world goes right and that we all think a bit. wow, i am sending props through my father, far more technological than I!

Economist said...

what a downer i am. really i love it and you look great