Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Day One

Ok, wow. My first blog entry (not that anyone is going to read this). I almost feel some sort of pressure, like I'm not going to be cool, or witty, or, yikes! popular. But I march on....

I am back in Tucson, and thank God for the sun. He had removed it from Chicago, punishing the city and its people. But here in the desert, we are blessed with it in the winter and cursed with it in the summer (not that I have every really been in Tucson in the summer!)

Ok, Movie season is coming up...so lots of exciting hours spent indoors. My goal (as well as yours) is to see every nominated movie before the awards shows...come on, the movie needs your support. You've seen the ads on DVDS regarding the cost of pirating to the industry! Step up and be a supporter!

Speaking of Support, check out singer Marie Frank. I saw her last night at Plush in Tucson. I was impressed, and she was so sweet and beautiful. Not to mention her music. Turns out she wasn't even on tour, she was visiting friends in the Tucson Band Giant Sand, and she just happen to get a show. Check her out.


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