Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mushroom Barley Soup with a side of Sweet and Savory Kale!

Mmmmmmmmm, that was good, especially the awesome Kale recipe! The soup was good, but only after I seasoned it up a bit. I added twice the thyme, a generous pour of garlic powder (I should have just used fresh garlic at the start), and about a tablespoon of tamari.

I went a little prep crazy, mostly because I had work to do, and wanted to get everything cooking right away.

The the kale was so tasty, even though I did not add the slice almonds mentioned in the recipe. It was maybe even a little too sweet, and next time I will probably cut the sugar in half (I used raw turbino sugar). Also, I cut the recipe in half, which I won't do next time because I can probably eat the whole thing!

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christopher jette said...

My favorite is the picture of all the ingredients in little soufle cups. That is SO not the way I envision you in the kitchen. There has to be some broken glass on the ground and a pile of dishes under which is the knife. I suppose you could have changed your domestic habits. In which case no shower singing. That is a sad prospect