Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sun, Snow and Ice?

Wow! It's Fat Tuesday!!! Hooray! So, I'm taking a timeout from research to post some pictures from this weekend.

So, the big the day was Saturday. Kat, Sarah Lynn and I drove up the highway to Mt. Lemmon. We first stopped off at Molina Basin for a mid-altitude hike. The trail was called the Prison Ruins trail. It lead to an abandoned Interment Camp. Read about it here.

After the hike were drove up to the ski area to see the snow. I was cool (tee-hee), but not as exciting as I would have hoped. However, I got to make a snowball!

Anyway, back in town, we joined Casey and headed out to an Arizona IceCats game. I was only college club hockey, but it was still fun.

Back to work!


Joel said...

Man, you look skinny.

It's interesting to see Mt Lemmon with some snow after seeing it in November. Did you have any of the world's worst cherry pie in Summerhaven?

Peace bro.

Joel said...

I just realized you're wearing your bushwackers tshirt! We're getting the team back together this summer so you have to move back here!

Anishka said...

Aw, that looks like a good time... I wish I could have been there! I loved looking up at the snowy Catalinas from my home down in the desert, what a wonderful contrast.

c said...

My brother is fascinated with zambonies.

Joel said...

You should be put in the penalty box for how often you update your blog. I understand dominating your fantasy baseball league takes a lot of time.