Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Artic Mexico Adventure

Well, now that I have had a few days to reflect, I'm feeling a little better about my recent trip to Mexico. I'm looking at it this way: the highways were better then I expected (the road from Navajoa to Alamos was nicer then any American two lane highway I've ever seen), the UofA van did not break down and we were not run out of town for our inability to order breakfast. See, the trip went really well!

Well, it did. The concert was fine, we were safe. But it was COLD!!!! I have never been so unprepared for 40 degree weather! In short, we were dreadfully unprepared for the cold. There was nowhere, save the spot directly in front of a fireplace, to be warm. Anyway, I sound like a wimp from Arizona.

Eun Pa shows of the UofA van!

Brent Watches Sonora pass by.

So, on Sunday Prof. Roe drove us down to Alamos, about a 9 hour drive on the Mexican toll road, and we arrived in Alamos about 11 PM. We some luck, we found our guide and translator, Vilma, and she escorted us to our homes. I stayed with Brent in a home just a little ways up from the plaza that belonged to a lovely American couple from the Chicago area. (photos:)

The next day we all met at Las Palomas, a restuarant that was responsible for feeding us on the trip. We all were no faced with a day beiong unprepared for cold weather, in a place where there was no heat (you see, it wasn't suppose to be this cold there, ever!). Eun Pa and I liked the fireplace in the Resturant, today our table wasn't closer!

From there we headed off to a rehearsal space. The 'space' was in this beautiful home near the plaza. About these homes, they were amazing. They basically all consisted of a beautiful garden area, surrounded by rooms. You actually had to go outside to get from room to room. Usually this was never a problem, but today, it was cold (did I memtion that?). Anyway, we were given a room with a nice piano and a fireplace (probably the warmest place we were all day, after the fire place warmed the area up a bit) and we went through our program and hung out there until we were forced to move on.
Eun Pa ad Christi rehearse:

Brent tries to keep his fingers from freezing!

Cindy enjoys the fire!

From there, we went on to check out the performance venue. It was a beautiful Palacio (a courtyard with a stage and an ope roof (!!!!!!!!!!)) The people with the festival were really kind, and provided us with warm beverages, and the Radio Station interviewed Prof. Roe!

After the venue visit, we had some time to walk around town... a great way to keep warm!

Overall, it was a cold trip. And we sang pretty. And we had fun, see?

Did I mention my gas bill was astronomical this month?

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christopher jette said...

You have mentioned nothing about your gas bill becuase you did not return my phone call. Nice pic's, looks like it was good work. It has been cold here as well, it is one of those winters. They got snow on Malibu beech last week! Santa Barbara was spared.