Friday, March 03, 2006

Gnomes in my neighborhood!

This is just a quick post to answer the question Christopher posted in his blog See below:

This was a photo taken on my walk this morning with Sammie, my temporary dog. Here are some more choice photos: I took 80, and I will post the others on Kodak soon, e-mail me if you want to be invited to view the exhibition: "Nate's sad and weird Neighborhood"


christopher jette said...

The bottom photo of the green house is astounding! These all represent the neighborhood so well. Great work Nate.

rarrin' said...

Hey, where did you find my gnomes?? They got off their leash the other day and ran away before I could catch them. Tell them mommy misses them.

Nate, how do you add links to other blogs on your blog? email me if you have time!